My given name is Demetrius, though for most of my life I’ve been known by my nickname Dino. I am a native of Oakland, California and was born the year James Bond first graced the big screen. I consider myself an ordinary guy with variations. My family (both by blood and by choice) find my an invariably strange guy. It’s all about perception.

The blog’s title, “Books, ball and the bean” is an homage to the three greatest loves in my life; Books, basketball, and coffee. (Music is also a huge passion, though I believe that applies to everyone. Doesn’t it?) While I expect to riff on many subjects, I suspect the underlying theme to more often than not have to do with my triad of sublime passions.

As a tireless searcher, one of my favorite things to do is to share the things that bring me great pleasure with others. The internet has proven invaluable in that regard as, rather than slack jawed blank stares or furrowed foreheads and knitted eyebrows I merely get a “wtf” in the comment box or a reduction in my roster of friends. There will be a lot of sharing of stuff not my own, to hopefully turn you on to something you might not have discovered otherwise.
Welcome to my world. May you find enjoyment within.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Sweet and elegant..I too blog but its mostly my moaning and coping with my ramblings….my doc thought it was a great venue for recovery of my many demons both real and artificial..I will send my link so you too can see my madness.

    • Thank you for the compliment. Rather than teasing me by hinting at the existence of your blog, why not share its link with me that I may enjoy your musings (and perhaps pick up a tip or two on how this is to be properly done)

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