About onidsnave

I am an ordinary guy who refused to "grow up" but nonetheless wound up old. A man with a deep appreciation of literature in all its myriad forms, of poetry, basketball (my first true love)...beauty in its sundry manifestations, be it an attractive woman, a sombre sky, a painting, a poem, the smile on a child's face, or the interplay of the sun upon a glob of oil in a curbside runoff . No matter what your beliefs, religious or otherwise, whatever your views on post -mortem existence, this is your one shot as the entity you are. The past is done, the future uncertain, so revel in this moment, inciting smiles and laughter whenever possible. My dream is to die having done more good than harm, and to live each day without hope and without despair. Wish me luck.

Two Bits

Summer Ambition
I want
to set myself on fire,
immolated aflame,
whipped by frantic winds,
for fire is beautiful,
and so shall I be,







Diurnal Deluge
Mad torrent of words
Disjointed, gone astray—I,
Empty and benumbed