Dr. Snave & the Biffs present…Another Evening of Entertaining Excellence


Biff the Fourth here, representing Dr. Snave and the rest of the Biffs. I sincerely hope you enjoy this evening’s entertainment (Dear God! Would somebody please help me? They’re forcing me to do this! Oh shit, they are watching…)> We all agree that it is excellent ( in the eyes of a lunatic, perhaps!) and believe you will as well. We’ll start, as always, with a song.

Enjoy! (Make it stop, I beg you!)

Hi. I’m Biff Six. I’ll be taking over for Mr Four, who was suddenly not feeling as he should. Not to worry, for he is being pleasantly manipulated and convulsed that he may feel more as expected.

Brazil (1985) is, in our collective, never humble opinion, one of the greatest films ever made regardless of genre>You should think so, too.

Snack Time

I’m well fed’

  fed up to the gills

I would have were I a fish.

  Fed up to the brim

  to the brink of the imaginable…

Fed up to the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin.

        Beyond sense

            my mind is muddled with

              satisfying scenes of wanton mutilation

            devastating depravation

            stopping just shy of total annihilation

        That I may survey my machinations

         and imbibe the breadth of the damage I’ve wrought.

To gaze contentedly

   upon the aftermath,

my lovely melee of mayhem

   and laugh unreservedly,

smile easily and remark to no one in particular,

“Now isn’t that something”

Marginalia, Late January, 1995

I just now realized that I have no feeling in the fourth (ring?) and pinkie toes of both of my feet., and greatly diminished feeling in the remaining six. I suppose this might be perceived as a  problem We shall see. These things happen.


The other Biffs and I are working tirelessly and deliriously to make the following compulsory education in our proud homeland. Please support our noble cause!

But seriously, though…

One day (the doctor continually informs us) when the world pulls its head out of its ass and recognizes a true pariah messiah in its midst and appoints him Supreme Commander of the Universe foe Eternity Plus Ninety Days, he will prevent future wars and settle petty disputes utilizing methods displayed in the following film.

(In the case of petty disputes, he’s also considering the efficacy of the Mobile Incinerator)

We haven’t much time remaining, so let us return to the better for your health than the other crap you habitually watch excellent entertainment.

Before Marisa Tomei there was Faye Dunaway, and this was good

And lastly, a lullaby, that your dreams may be filled with a terrifying happiness. ‘Til next time…