The most wonderful time of the year

I’ve had the most wonderful Christmas these past couple days.

I’ll begin by giving big props to, and ESPN 3 in particular, for providing a means for me to view the incomparably beautiful spectacle that in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. There is no better entertainment that watching beautiful women playing a beautiful game beautifully.

A few observations…

Brittney Griner is having a Wilt like effect on the women’s game. While Margo Dydek (R.I.P.) may have had six inches in height on the Baylor junior, she lacked Griner’s innate athleticism and agility. The analogy that comes most immediately to mind when comparing Griner to the late ten year WNBA veteran from Poland is George Mikan to Wilt Chamberlain. As Griner gains strength and experience, she will (barring injury) revolutionize women’s hoops.

For another NBA comparison, take Delaware’s junior guard/ forward Elena Delle Donne brings to mind Kevin Durant with the seeming effortlessness with which she excels at the game. I’ve read and heard so much about both the woman and the hoopster, what an absolute joy it was to watch her play.

And anyone who knows me is aware of my devotion to Tara VanDerveer’s Stanford Cardinal. From Azzi and Whiting thru the sisters Ogwumike, the joys and heartbreaks of fandom have been mine. Thank you. Go Cardinal.

I probably watched a dozen games over the weekend, in part or in full.

Beautiful women playing a beautiful game beautifully.

It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year.

Vision of Love.